Sunday, 1 January 2017


Inadequate climatic changes observed several parts of the world now this times. The scientists
expected that deforestation of land if continue it may the cause of several destruction
of earths biodiversity and thus impact economy . The most deforestation occurred in typical  
rain-forest area which is about 30 % of earth's land surface.

But reason behind of deforestation occurred as because the using of cut down trees sold as fuel.
But the deforestation have been done without reforestation which resulted the damage of habitat,
biodiversity and aridity.

Researcher observes that destruction have been done not only for industrial obligation but
also agreed that poor peoples are more likely to clear forest  for their livelihood.

The impact on economy for  deforestation occurs both developed country and devolving
country. Rapid industrialization in the developing countries, the GDP reached nearly 6% compared to
2% growth rate of developed countries.. Finally, for rapid  industrialization -the population grows, new homes,communities, and expansion of cities occurring day by day and also deforestation has occurs for road, railways etc,.

Top ten endangered forest  that has lost  more than 90%  of their original habitat are Ind-Burma, New Caledonia, Sundas land, Philippines, Atlantic forest, mountain of southwest China, California,Coaster l forest eastern Africa, Madagascar and Indian ocean islands.

But controlling of deforestation has been organised by international forums for stopping deforestation and developing reforestation. The controlling  methods are reducing emissions by payments for conserving forest, Establishing land rights in many countries,organised scientific farming and monitoring deforestation by proper forest management system. Finally sustainable practices for reforestation and planting of forest.